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Beauty is one! We take care of every woman from top to toe, offering the most comprehensive range of beauty services. Makeup, hairdressing, waxing, hair care. The temple of beauty in Andros is Angels Beauty!

Angels Beauty

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Angels Beauty

After a long career individually, Amanda and Stacy envisioned an place of beauty and wellness to provide every woman with what she needs to feel unique. They joined forces and embarked on a new journey to the beautiful island of Andros, launching Angels Beauty.
With love and affection for their work, they offer a wide range of beauty services to the woman, future bride and man. Hairdressing, hair dyeing, barber shop, aesthetics, hair removal, makeup, hair care, all the services you need, all gathered here!


Bridal preparation

Beautiful brides, they have nothing to hide! Complete bridal hair care, makeup and makeup packs to shine at the most important moment of your life!

Hair styling

Haircuts, hairstyles and all new hair trends. Highly aesthetic hairdressing services, with respect to the beauty and health of your hair.


Impressive makeup, highlighting characteristics and natural beauty of every person! High quality products with respect for your skin.


Expert nail care of your nails! Manicure, Semi-permanent, Natural gel reinforcement, Artificial nails for perfect effect.


Shine on the beaches! Depilation of feet, hands, bikini, facial, for clean and smooth skin.

Body treatment

Αποκτήστε όμορφη και υγιή επιδερμίδα σε πρόσωπο και σώμα με θεραπείες καθαρισμού, αντιγήρανσης, peeling, ενυδάτωσης, θεραπεία ακμής κ.α.

Hair dye

Refresh and enhance your look with striking colors in your hair. Shine while protecting the health of your hair.

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Hair treatments

Give life and shine to your hair with treatments like Botox, Brazilian, Keratin, with branded products!

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