About us

Adamantia Salvanou

Έκανε τα πρώτα της βήματα στο χώρο της κομμωτικής το 1995 και από το 2008 επαγγελματικά πλέον σε δικό της χώρο στην Αθήνα. Από το 2012 δραστηριοποιείται στην Χώρα της Άνδρου.
A series of demonstrations and many seminars provide experience and knowledge that can deliver impressive results to even the most demanding, starring for many years in the field of hairdressing and hair combing.
In 2018 she participated in the Balkan hairdressing competition, receiving the first prize of the competition.

Stefania Stefanova

She started working in aesthetics in 1999. She was involved in aesthetics of face, body and limbs. She founded her own beauty institute in Bulgaria.
She came to Greece in 2007 and attended a series of seminars and demonstrations. Then she opened her own place in Andros in 2009.
Since 2017 they have been collaborating with Adamantia Salvanou creating Angels Beauty and made it to the temple of beauty.

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